"Everything's a story.

You are a story—I am a story."

Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess

Current Projects

Production intern at UBC Press; freelance editor at Senior Lifestyle Advantage Magazine. Taking new freelance editorial clients.


Hi, my name is Amy Jackson, a queer editor/writer/​native Floridian who specializes in developmental editing, copywriting, public speaking, and unrelenting optimism.


Experienced in academic, poetry, and prose editing, as well as social media and newsletter marketing, I have partnered with the editorial departments at brands and companies such as UBC Press, Senior Lifestyle Advantage Magazine, The Rectangle, The Review, The Kiosk, Prime Publishing, Morningside College, and more. When it comes to stories,

deeply flawed protagonists are my bread and butter—they give me hope that anyone can change.


I graduated with a B.A. in English, Theatre, and Philosophy from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa, and am currently pursuing my Master's in Publishing at Simon Fraser University in Canada. And before you ask—yes, I am cold. I am very, very cold.


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What I Love:
Surreal Welsh-inspired mythology, lush prose, an atmosphere of beauty and menace, a diverse, complicated cast of flawed young outcasts
What I Love:
Nail-biting heists, gut-wrenching
humor, a unique fantasy world
inspired by noir Venice, and morally
dubious yet loyal con artistists—none
of whom are safe
What I Love:
Morally gray protagonists, disabled characters, child soldiers, eco-terrorism,
a darkly futuristic swamp once known
as Washington D.C.
What I Love:
Quirky, sophisticated writing that
doesn't underestimate its middle-grade readers, lovable heroes, heartrending themes of loneliness and family,
puzzles and intrigue galore 
What I Love:
Painfully yet relatably imperfect characters, a simple, heartfelt portrayal
of cancer that rejects overly-twee romanticism, a protagonist who swears up and down that he isn't going to change—yet does anyway
What I Love:
Three bittersweet anti-heroes,
enormous character growth, a
stunningly plotted third act, and
heaps of clever, irreverent humor
What I Love:
A coming-of-age that is both truthful
and glossily nostalgic, bold themes of religion and sexuality, set in a 1993 Montana so vivid that it feels like
you've been there
What I Love:
Deliciously dark romanticism, a
mystical circus, an air of dreamy optimism, an evocative historical
backdrop, and the kissing. There's
some really good kissing.
What I Love:
Hard science fiction that is immaculately researched yet approachable, a huge cast of diverse, gritty characters, worldbuilding so thorough that it feels like a historical account
What I Love:
Hard science fiction that is both approachable and immaculately researched, a huge cast of diverse, gritty characters, worldbuilding so realistic that it reads like a historical account
What I Love:
Unapologetic, female-led YA sci fi (an all-too-neglected genre), casual diversity, painfully charming yet flawed characters, Star Wars-esque flair, the best exploration of the relationship of children and war since The Hunger Games
What I Love:
The masterful, loving portrayal of the world of rap and spoken word, young people exploring their philosophies about class, drug abuse, violence, and ethical responsibility in art, a main (female) character allowed to be the broken, lost, strong, relatable teenager she is
What I Love:
Magic and vengeful gods, prejudice and genocide, opium and the stomach-turning degradation of a nation's morality—set against a female lead's villain origin story in a fantasy retelling of the Nanjing Massacre