My Social Media Takeover

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

As a marketing intern at Morningside College, I was recently given the keys to the castle and performed a five-day social media takeover on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! After writing a social media plan, I spent the week with the mission to show students, prospective students, and parents a glimpse of a day in the life of a real Morningside student.

(This wasn't on Morningside's "main" social media accounts; rather, it was on the "Morningside Experience" pages. If you want to take a peek, head over there and search for #msidetakeover!)

Unfortunately, fate is cruel, and by Wednesday evening I was so sick that I didn't get out of bed through all of Thursday! Even still, I got a great report from my superior on the analytics:


- 300% growth in new likes

- Increased reach for the week by 362%

- Increased engagement by 97%

The best post was the video you did with President Reynders; it had 483 clicks and 54 engagements and a reach of more than 3,700.


- 11.3K impressions during your week

- An average engagement rate of 2.1% (that's VERY good compared to industry average)

Your post about the English Christmas party had the best overall success, with a GREAT engagement rate of 13.1%.


- Your stories achieved more than 800 impressions

- You amassed more than 224 interactions

- Total reach of 1,390

- Total impressions at 19,837

Take a peek below at some of the favorite content that I posted.

Throughout the week, I began to get more and more staff and students recognizing me from the takeover. People were approaching me on campus and commenting on my videos or suggesting other parts of campus to highlight! It was an exhilarating experience, and an insightful reminder of the power of social media in marketing.