Morningside College, Sioux City, IA.

Dean’s List Scholar; Roadman Scholar

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts

  • Majors: English and Theatre

  • Minor: Philosophy

  • GPA: 3.9

Pertinent Coursework

  • Editing and Publishing, Adolescent Literature, British Literature and Culture, American Literary History, Sociolinguistics and Grammar, Literary Analysis, Advanced Fiction Writing, Capstone: Virginia Woolf.

and publications

Palmer Research Symposium  |  2017 - 2018

"Millennial Sociolinguistics: My Observations."

"Villain or Vindicator? A Utilitarian Analysis of V for Vendetta."

"Villain or Vindicator? A Utilitarian Analysis of V for Vendetta."

Midwestern Undergraduate Philosophy Conference |  2017

Harmonious Hearts Anthology  |  2017

"Lovers in the Great Collapse."

Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics  |  2016

“Review of Jason Brennan and Peter M. Jaworski’s Markets Without Limits: Moral Virtues and Commercial Interests.”

The Kiosk  |  2016 - 2018

"Tourist Trap," "The Diner," "Cages" (First Place Winner)"Love, or What Really Matters," "Jigsaw Pieces" (Second Place Winner).

Teen Ink Magazine  |  2013 - 2015

"Thank You, Google," "snick," "Sensory Exercise," "Hearts Pound."

Leadership positions

Morningside Theatre Department  |  Fall 2017 - Present

Director: The Scary Question, Good Neighbors, Octopus; Music Director: The Princess and the Pea, Jack and the Beanstalk

Alpha Psi Omega  |  Fall 2017 - Present

Student Liaison

Event Season Coordinator

Friday Is Writing Day  |  Fall 2016 - Present

Palmer Research Symposium  |  Spring 2017

Submissions and Presentations Coordinator

Morningside College  |  Summer/Fall 2017

Orientation Student Assistant

Morningside College Marketing Department  |  Fall 2018 - present

Marketing Intern

Editing and Writing

Senior Advantage Lifestyle Magazine  |  Summer 2018 - present

Editorial Intern

Editorial Intern (2018), freelancer (present)

Prime Publishing, LLC  |  Summer 2018 - present

The Kiosk  |  Nov. 2015 - Present

Freelance Editor  |  June 2016 - Present

Morningside College Writing Center  |  Aug. 2016 - Present

Writing Consultant

Philosophy Preceptorship  |  Fall 2017

Teen Ink Writing Program  |  Juilliard School  |  Summer 2013