Lovers in the Great Collapse

Humanity succeeded in eradicating disease—until an injection meant to kill sunburn killed the world. Gillian and Jacqueline, among the few immune to the resulting virus, will be put into cryosleep to carry on the human race. Their dreams are filled with each other, but will those dreams come true when—and

if—they awaken to a new world?

LGBT apocalyptic science fiction. Published in the Harmonious Hearts Anthology by Dreamspinner Press.


Two illegal hunters encounter something supernatural in the Pennsylvanian woods—but the true monster is much more human.

First Place Winner in The Kiosk 2017 edition.

Tourist Trap

Cara, an Ivy League student reeling from her mother's suicide, ditched school just a few short months before graduation in favor of backpacking through Europe with her boyfriend's brother. In Italy, the troubled young duo encounters a gaggle of pre-teens throwing a debauched beach party—and the next six hours change Cara's life.

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NOTE: Some publications may be under the name "Amy Carothers."


What I Learned (and Cooked!) at Prime Publishing

A blog post capping off an intensive summer-long internship with Prime Publishing in Chicago, Illinois.

Millennial Sociolinguistics: My Observations

Through examining recent expressions of typographical sarcasm and emphasis, the purposes behind millennials' grammatical quirks will be revealed, explaining if not outright justifying the phenomena. Thesis paper for Sociolinguistics and Grammar.

Morningside College Student-Produced Production Manual

A manual commissioned by the Morningside College Performing Arts Department. This comprehensive guidebook details the steps and requirements for proposing and producing a student-run play on the Morningside College campus.

Book Review - Markets Without Limits

Review of Jason Brennan and Peter M. Jaworski's Markets Without Limits: Moral Virtues and Commercial Interests. Published in the Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 2016.

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